Month: July 2017


The Roberts

July 26, 2017 I don’t come across too many touring cyclists doing significantly long trips, maybe once every couple of weeks. And the times that I stop and chat with them are maybe 1 in 2 because of the circumstances (e.g. they’re going the opposite direction and are across a busy highway). But every time …


What did you do in Milwaukee?

Hey all! I apologize for not posting for a few weeks. I’m taking the time now to write several posts that I’ve been meaning to write; currently sitting in a library in St. Paul, MN. A couple weeks ago I was in Milwaukee, WI. I arrived on a Wednesday and stayed with Isabella–a delightfully charming …


Rough Night

July 4, 2017 There have been several bumps in the road during my journey, but the last 8 hours have been the most stressful hours I have experienced since I set out. Here’s the story: Yesterday (July 3), I woke up in Port Stanley, ON. My new friends there had convinced me to stay through …