Canada Day Weekend

(June 30, 2017)

I’m currently in Port Stanley, Ontario–a small beach town right on the northern shore of Lake Erie.

Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada. I’ve sat on this bench a couple of times now and reveled in the beauty of the day.

Today marks my first month on the road, and holy cow has it been amazing. I’m feeling inspired to reflect today and so will probably write up a couple of posts.

Two days ago, I rode from Port Dover to Port Stanley, Ontario. I had no reason to come to Port Stanley other than that it was along my route and seemed like a good point on the map, in terms of how much mileage I wanted to cover that day. I got into town around 7 pm and was HUNGRY–an intense feeling I experience on average every 2 hours. I sat down at this bench (pictured above) to eat my sandwich, but across the street a pizza restaurant caught my attention. I wandered over there and ordered a whole pizza for myself. I got one of those looks from the waitress that I’ve grown accustomed to–the kind of look that says, “Are you serious? Is there somebody else coming? You’re not actually going to eat all this food.”

As I sat there peacefully devouring a great pizza, a guy sitting next to me asked me for, “Fuego. Amigo, tienes fuego?” Classic–a white guy assumingly practicing his Spanish with me. I replied to him in English and he continued to speak to me in Spanish, so then I switched to French. He was pretty drunk and I was pretty tired so it was a bit of a sloppy interaction but we got to talking. We exchanged travel stories and next thing I know, Chris Brown is offering me to crash on his couch. I turned the offer down initially since Clara had also found a place to stay in Port Stanley, but after hanging out with him and his buddies I felt right at home. Chris set me up with food, a shower, a place to sleep, and new friends.

Left: Chris Brown, Right: me

Left: Jason, Right: me, Background: Natasha

Since then, Chris and Jason have convinced me to stay in town for Canada Day weekend to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canadia. It was a hard decision to make since I’ve gotten so used to moving along every day, but they’ve made me feel right at home and have shown me their home town through their lens. Clara (my biking buddy) has kept moving and is now back in the States but I’ve decided to stay back and experience how people live life around here.

Yesterday, Jason took us out for a nice drive and we stopped at his uncle’s property to go fishing. I had never tried it but was down for the experience. I ended up catching three fish and took the classic fish pictures:

Full jungle mode


Fish boy

We then went back to Chris’ place and grilled up some mean ribs and corn. The local corn here is so good! I also got to hang out with Mitch (Chris’ old time friend) and his friend Krista and her kids. Hanging out with Krista’s boys, Lucas (age 10) and Gavin (age 13), was so much fun. They got some new scooters yesterday and were hopping stairs with them. It reminded me so much of my childhood in L.A., skating around looking for new stairs and curbs to tackle with the boys. I hopped on their scooters and booked it down the hill–never too old for that. Jason also took the hill (a funny sight). Gavin then rolled his ankle trying some new stairs but he walked it off like a champ. We exchanged stories about broken bones and crazy tricks we’ve attempted. Gavin told me that he wants to start working but he can’t get a job because he’s too young. Krista, his mom, also agrees that he’s mature enough to work. Maybe he can start mowing some lawns or something.

I meandered over to the library today (where I’m currently writing this from) to reflect before the festivities tonight. I’m excited to see what new adventures will come about this weekend. I think I’ll spend some time now writing about what my schedule looks like most days, since I get asked about that a lot.

Thanks for reading.