My inspiration

I learned about Hector through a dear childhood friend. When I learned about his situation– being accepted into and trying to attend Columbia University for Public Health as an undocumented student–I was instantly moved. His background reminds me much of my own and his dedication, drive, and desire to make the world a better place truly inspire me. It is for this reason that I want to help Hector raise enough money to be able to attend Columbia and one day become a great doctor.

If you are interested in helping us achieve this goal by investing in Hector, please follow this link:

My Way of Saying “Thank You”

Any amount: I will write you a thank you note either via email or however else I can get in touch with you.

$50+: A personalized post card from whatever next cool town or city I’m in.

$100+: All of the above and a really cool photo from my travels taken just for you (or any other cool thing you or I could think of)

If you make a contribution, please make sure to comment with your name and way of contacting you (either on the gofundme page or on this website).