Places to Visit

This is a page dedicated to giving a shout out to places and businesses that you should visit should you happen to be passing by.

Recycle Cycle (Montreal, QC)

A bike shop located in Monkland Village, Recycle Cycle is stocked with awesome bikes and even more incredible people. The workers here repaired Clara and my bike with no notice–we showed up and they were super busy (booked for about a month), but when we told them our travel situation, they dropped everything and gave us incredible service. They also build all their bikes from the ground up–custom–so they are likely to have any part you may need and know what they’re doing.

Cardinal Cafe & Shop (Sharbot Lake, ON)

This small cafe in southeastern Ontario, quite in the middle of nowhere to be honest, is surrounded by beautiful lakes all around and is staffed by some of the friendliest people. For some reason, this cafe also happens to be a hub for many cyclists–while I was in there eating their delicious breakfast burritos, I came across 5+ other cyclists getting their carbs in. Everyone who came by the shop was also really friendly. This place just seemed to attract the chillest people, I marked it as a gem on my map.

Hamilton Hakka Indian & Chinese Restaurant (Hamilton, ON)

Hamilton Hakka is run by an incredibly sweet Bangladeshi man who has lived and worked throughout the UK, the States, and Canada. His restaurant is small and survives by word of mouth, but that’s all he needs because once you try his food you’re bound to recommend it to people. This was the best Indian food I have had, I mean holy cow was it really delicious! He saw how much we were enjoying it that he gave us free sides and dessert that his cousin had sent to him from Bangladesh. And when it came time to pay he noticed us struggling with our American debit cards and said that we didn’t have to pay him today, that we could come back whenever we had the money and pay then. I highly praise this man and his business and wish him the best.

Hostel Buffalo-Niagara (Buffalo, NY)

3-story hostel smack in the middle of downtown Buffalo. The hostel is currently in danger of being taken down by the city and it’s quite a shame that the city doesn’t understand how important this hostel is for bringing about travelers from all over the world. It’s a really cool hostel in a historic-looking building. Their normal rate is $30/night but $15/night for cyclists! Buffalo is a cool city to check out so if you’re passing by, I think you’d be making a mistake by not staying at this hostel (especially on a weekend).

Ontario’s South Coast Bicycles (Port Ryerse, ON)

Clara and I showed up at John’s shop/house to buy some things for our bikes since it happened to be on our route, and next thing we know John is offering us a place to stay. John and his family are all such wonderful people and are great hosts. Lauren, John’s daughter, made us a grand breakfast in the morning and set us on our way. John also cleaned our bikes for free and had all gear/tools we needed.