What did you do in Milwaukee?

Hey all!

I apologize for not posting for a few weeks. I’m taking the time now to write several posts that I’ve been meaning to write; currently sitting in a library in St. Paul, MN.

A couple weeks ago I was in Milwaukee, WI. I arrived on a Wednesday and stayed with Isabella–a delightfully charming grad student from NYC–through the WarmShowers website (a community for cyclists). It was her day off and she wanted to build a farmhouse-style dining table for her apartment. However, with my visit and her other plans, she ended up not having the time to do so. I got the idea to offer her my handy services: “I can build you a table tomorrow if I can crash another night.” She accepted and we started planning out what we wanted her table to look like.

The next morning I finalized my list of materials and rode my bicycle to the local hardware store 2 miles away and ordered all my cuts of pinewood (since she didn’t have a saw at home). Now came the first (and hardest) challenge: transporting all the lumber home on my bike. I ended up converting my bike into a wagon and tied all the lumber on top with utility cord. It took two trips back and forth. The pictures below show my ghetto wagon.

Trip 1 – lumber on sexy bike

Trip 2 – lumber on sexy bike

Once I had all the wood at Isabella’s place, I started building the table. Slapped some screws here, slapped some there. Smeared some glue there. And BAM I had the base built:

Then I secured some good-lookin 2 by 10’s to the apron and voila, a farmhouse dining table. Yes I did sand it, but no I didn’t varnish it; I left that for Isabella to do to her liking.

Front: Farmhouse dining table, Back: Couch I crashed on

So that’s what I did in Milwaukee, apart from checking out the Bastille Days celebration and making another really rad friend that I ended up crashing with for 2 nights.

Milwaukee is a really cool city, highly recommend in the summertime! As always, you can contact me for any recommendations of places to go/people to meet if you’re swinging by somewhere I have been on my travels.

– E